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23 Mar 12 Waking our dormant community – March 31st

Hello everyone,

We have been away for few weeks and the community was a little dormant, but we are now ready to take on bigger challenges. We will start our regular monthly meetings on the first Saturday of every month starting April 7th, please add this to your calendars so you can get ready for it.
Prior to this we want to have a smaller event on the 31st of March. We will be discussing different topics, including but not limited to,
  • Marketing your apps and setting up an Android Market account with GTUGs for free
  • Using offline resources to develop Android applications
  • Setting up lab environments for developers to come test and build their applications with resources provided by GTUGs for free
These are some of the topics we want to discuss and announce, please feel free to add an agenda item by posting it here. If you have presentations you want to show, please let us know before hand.
Thank you

09 Feb 12 g|Ethiopia

The first ever g|Ethiopia event was a great success. Participants from all corners of addis and few neighboring cities came to participate on this wonderful event. Googlers showed up with all sorts of amazing products and tools for developers. GTUG Addis also played a great role in this event, our members showed great enthusiasm and demoed their talent. It was quiet an honor to have VP Nelson Mattos come all the way to see what is happening in Ethiopia. Nemo, SE and technical lead in New York pushed a lot and hard to make all this happen, so great thanks to him as well. All Googlers played a great role in making this a wonderful experience and we are all very happy to have them here and hope to see them online and back again in another event. As a result of GTUGs meeting with Googlers some exciting events and changes are on the way, we will be keeping you updated on our site and the other channels. Here is a recap of the event visually

04 Jan 12 Mentoring from top entrepreneurs in Silicon Valley

Dear GTUG Community,

I/OVentures, one of the leading incubators based in Silicon Valley, would like to announce a great challenge for software developers in Ethiopia. I/OVentures has prepared a ‘Coding Test’ which would be sent to you directly from I/OVentures. The test will require approximately two hours of your time and would need to be conducted before January 31, 2012. The top 3 winners will receive mentoring from top entrepreneurs in Silicon Valley including Paul Bragiel (3 start-ups), Jonathan Baudanza (Rupture, Napster) and Samuel Stauffer (2 startups, currently at Twitter). The initial mentoring program will comprise of 4 online sessions over a two month period as well as email access to mentors. Furthermore, the top 3 winners will have the potential to access the founders of companies such as Youtube, Paypal, MySpace, Bittorrent, Facebook etc. That said, GTUG Addis now needs your approval to share your email address with I/OVentures. Please inform us by January 10, 2012 if we can share your email address with I/OVentures. Thanks.

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25 Dec 11 New Android Challenge launched

There is a new android challenge by Google. You can find the details of the challenge here. We will provide you with any resource you may require so contact us.

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25 Dec 11 GTUGs are back

Yet another great time at the ICE center with GTUGs on the 24th. Behailu gave a very nice, interesting, and extensive presentation and demo on NoSql particularly on Raven DB. The topic sparked different discussions on general database view and Relational Databases. Another topic discussed was by Abinet on PhoneGap, a framework for developing simple mobile application specially for those who came from a web development background by using basic HTML5, JavaScript and CSS. This framework exposes common device APIs for major smart phones and is a valid framework to use on the respective market places. On top of this framework you can use different JavaScript libraries like jQueryMobile ; a unified user interface system across all popular mobile device platforms, built on the rock-solid jQuery and jQuery UI foundation.

PhoneGap Resources

Their website contains extensive detail on the APIs you can you to utilize the native resources and has coding examples of each API.

PhoneGap website link:

Discussion on different frameworks and view points on PhoneGap:

For developers on eclipse framework use this plugin to build PhoneGap apps.

Using jQuery Mobile on phonegap

jQueryMobile general detail on the framework itself

Details of Raven DB will be posted soon.

you can refer to their official site until we post detail links –

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20 Dec 11 Dec 24th meetup

Dec 24th, we will continue with our GTUG meetings. Please forward this information to as many people as possible.

  • On this meeting we will be outlining our move forward
  • Giving out information on an upcoming yet another great Android challenge
  • Google day Africa coming to Addis and what that means to our community
  • Lab setup for developers topics
  • Other technology community startups information
  • One/two technical discussions on …(topic undecided but will be announced on Thursday 22nd)

We hope to see everyone there as there are many opportunities knocking at our doors looking for the community members in terms of job offers and collaborative works. We are also working on a site that allows us to know who is who among our technical members. Leave us your thoughts.

Meeting will be held at the ICE Addis center 2:00PM, location can be found at this link

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