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09 Feb 12 g|Ethiopia

The first ever g|Ethiopia event was a great success. Participants from all corners of addis and few neighboring cities came to participate on this wonderful event. Googlers showed up with all sorts of amazing products and tools for developers. GTUG Addis also played a great role in this event, our members showed great enthusiasm and demoed their talent. It was quiet an honor to have VP Nelson Mattos come all the way to see what is happening in Ethiopia. Nemo, SE and technical lead in New York pushed a lot and hard to make all this happen, so great thanks to him as well. All Googlers played a great role in making this a wonderful experience and we are all very happy to have them here and hope to see them online and back again in another event. As a result of GTUGs meeting with Googlers some exciting events and changes are on the way, we will be keeping you updated on our site and the other channels. Here is a recap of the event visually

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