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09 Feb 12 g|Ethiopia

The first ever g|Ethiopia event was a great success. Participants from all corners of addis and few neighboring cities came to participate on this wonderful event. Googlers showed up with all sorts of amazing products and tools for developers. GTUG Addis also played a great role in this event, our members showed great enthusiasm and demoed their talent. It was quiet an honor to have VP Nelson Mattos come all the way to see what is happening in Ethiopia. Nemo, SE and technical lead in New York pushed a lot and hard to make all this happen, so great thanks to him as well. All Googlers played a great role in making this a wonderful experience and we are all very happy to have them here and hope to see them online and back again in another event. As a result of GTUGs meeting with Googlers some exciting events and changes are on the way, we will be keeping you updated on our site and the other channels. Here is a recap of the event visually

25 Dec 11 GTUGs are back

Yet another great time at the ICE center with GTUGs on the 24th. Behailu gave a very nice, interesting, and extensive presentation and demo on NoSql particularly on Raven DB. The topic sparked different discussions on general database view and Relational Databases. Another topic discussed was by Abinet on PhoneGap, a framework for developing simple mobile application specially for those who came from a web development background by using basic HTML5, JavaScript and CSS. This framework exposes common device APIs for major smart phones and is a valid framework to use on the respective market places. On top of this framework you can use different JavaScript libraries like jQueryMobile ; a unified user interface system across all popular mobile device platforms, built on the rock-solid jQuery and jQuery UI foundation.

PhoneGap Resources

Their website contains extensive detail on the APIs you can you to utilize the native resources and has coding examples of each API.

PhoneGap website link:

Discussion on different frameworks and view points on PhoneGap:

For developers on eclipse framework use this plugin to build PhoneGap apps.

Using jQuery Mobile on phonegap

jQueryMobile general detail on the framework itself

Details of Raven DB will be posted soon.

you can refer to their official site until we post detail links –

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02 Aug 11 Man In The Middle (MITM) Attack Live Demonstration over Wireless and Wired Networks


There will be a live demonstration on MITM attack over wireless and wired networks

  • How MITM works
  • Live demo:  Grabbing passwords of telnet, ftp, http, https authentication
  • How to protect yourself from such attacks
This Saturday : August 6th , 2011  2 PM.
Venue:   @iceaddis , Eiabc Lideta Campus AAU.

04 Jun 11

The long awaited Android Hackathon recap article

May 21st and 22nd were the days we had great fun with great minds. A turn out that really assured us of the great many things that we Ethiopians can do in the IT world. Our expectations were already raised as we have sold out registration tickets within few hours of advertisement and many more requests were made after that. Different agencies and offices were also interested in the event for many reasons. This was the first of its kind hackathon where people that love hacking on technology were able to do so together for the two days duration.

May 14th

Provided kits as a preparation for the hackathon

Googles’ swaggers – Key chain, android bag, Android SDK and tutorial Videos

GTUG-Addis – provided eclipse with recent  ADT bundled and technical support  address and links, set-up labs for

those that will not be bringing their own machine

May 21st

Morning Activities



Divided the groups into two

Beginners to the Android platform

Introductory session

Intermediate and Advanced Developers on the Android platform

Start on creating the groups, formalizing their goals

Lunch, a great one

After lunch Activities

Hacking continued…

Groups had fun coming up with ideas and discussing many aspects of their project

Sr. Software Engineer Simon Solomon from the sponsoring company Apposit LLC came to help out with the different projects the Advanced and Intermediate team was working on.

May 22nd

Morning Activities

Hacking continued in the same building

Advanced programmers went around overviewing the starters’ projects, helping out

Advanced programmers went on with their hacking throughout the morning

Lunch, another great one


More hacking

Closing program

Introduction of everyone and the project they were working on and what they got and expressed their expectation in the future from this event


Many people and organizations to thank.

First and foremost you the participants, Thank You! Your enthusiasm and participation made the event a reality.

GTUG-Addis founders and members, Thank You! Your tireless hard work made the event a true success.

ICE, Thank You! You showed us that you truly support Innovation, Collaboration and E


Google – Thank You! For taking this endeavor seriously and providing support

Apposit LLC- Thank You! For seeing the future in these event, Thank You! For taking your time and investing it in helping us with almost all aspects of the event (participating, mentoring, funding). True hackers!

ICE – The space, the collaboration for the event and providing your relentless support for future GTUG-Addis events and plans


Those that are not in any of the above groups that helped us from the beginning, Thank You! Graphics design (Daniel Kebede), Catering (Mike), Moral Support (ICT Association of Ethiopia, Yilikal) and many more..

03 Jun 11 Gtug-Addis Monthly Event, Saturday June 4th 2 PM @iceaddis

We will have the monthly event tomorrow at iceaddis. Gtug-Addis is intorducing IPv6 as four days remain to World IPv6 Day .

We have two topics for tomorrow

  • IPv6 basics presented by Biruk Demissie.

    World IPv6 Day

    World IPv6 Day , June 8th 2011

  • Follow up on the android hackaton. As discussed at the closing of the hackaton this will be for checking the project statuses, discuss any challenges and on how to proceed.

    See you all tomorrow !

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31 Mar 11 April 2nd event

Hello all,

As mentioned in the google group discussions you can bring your topic and discuss at this event. We plan to talk about VMware, google and Spring , so bring your discussion hats to the floor.

As usual the meeting place will be the ihub center for Ethiopia, Lideta building college at 2:00 pm in the afternoon. There will be other presentations on that day that you can also attend.