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25 Dec 11 GTUGs are back

Yet another great time at the ICE center with GTUGs on the 24th. Behailu gave a very nice, interesting, and extensive presentation and demo on NoSql particularly on Raven DB. The topic sparked different discussions on general database view and Relational Databases. Another topic discussed was by Abinet on PhoneGap, a framework for developing simple mobile application specially for those who came from a web development background by using basic HTML5, JavaScript and CSS. This framework exposes common device APIs for major smart phones and is a valid framework to use on the respective market places. On top of this framework you can use different JavaScript libraries like jQueryMobile ; a unified user interface system across all popular mobile device platforms, built on the rock-solid jQuery and jQuery UI foundation.

PhoneGap Resources

Their website contains extensive detail on the APIs you can you to utilize the native resources and has coding examples of each API.

PhoneGap website link:

Discussion on different frameworks and view points on PhoneGap:

For developers on eclipse framework use this plugin to build PhoneGap apps.

Using jQuery Mobile on phonegap

jQueryMobile general detail on the framework itself

Details of Raven DB will be posted soon.

you can refer to their official site until we post detail links –

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