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03 Jun 11 Gtug-Addis Monthly Event, Saturday June 4th 2 PM @iceaddis

We will have the monthly event tomorrow at iceaddis. Gtug-Addis is intorducing IPv6 as four days remain to World IPv6 Day .

We have two topics for tomorrow

  • IPv6 basics presented by Biruk Demissie.

    World IPv6 Day

    World IPv6 Day , June 8th 2011

  • Follow up on the android hackaton. As discussed at the closing of the hackaton this will be for checking the project statuses, discuss any challenges and on how to proceed.

    See you all tomorrow !

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04 Oct 10 Preparing for the first gtugaddis event

Hi Everyone

We are preparing ourselves for the first gtugaddis event. Consider the event as “unconference” which means participant driven. Every member should participate .

The event will be the first time members will meet up and discuss what Gtug is, what google engine is, discuss how we will proceed, select project ideas for the first hackaton.

So we need every member’s idea on the first event as well as simple project ideas we can select working on.It will be very nice if it relates somehow to Ethiopian scope. e.g. “Ethiopian calander” option for Google Calender service.

Last but not least, I would like to thank Interpid for taking the initiative to create the group, website and domain name. And Other two members who made the beautiful Gtugaddis logo.

Please reply with any idea in mind for this post.

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04 Oct 10 Thank you all that made this site possible

GTUG-Addis thanks

  • Solomon H/Melekot
  • Yelayou Endale
  • Fitsum Assalif

for contributing the logo and sharing your ideas and expertise for creating a professional website.

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