Addis GTUG community

07 Feb 11 First meeting outcomes

The first GTUG-Addis meeting had three main targets.

  • One was to introduce the people working around the theme and also get extra hands involved in the making of the community.
  • The other target was to gather different ideas on how to proceed and come up with fresh ideas.
  • The last one was to broadly discuss the different technology areas that the group could commit to discussing and sharing.


Consistent meeting hours – first Saturday of every month from 2:00PM onwards

Consistent meeting place – Good news in this area , iHub has offered us a space in the Lideta Building College – a space to do presentations and do regular meetings

Next Step

It has been decided what the general sense of the upcoming meetings would be like

  • One or Two technical presentations – the first maybe on social media
  • Question and discussion
  • One TED presentation (selected by members, which will be posted on the website in the coming few days)
  • discussion and after-meeting events(if any)

Please feel free to comment on any of these ideas. It would be great to have the opinion of may of our members on the directions of the group

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